Bookmaz API guide

If you are a developer like us, you can freely develop mobile or web apps with the help of our API.
There are four operations at this point:

Create a new bookmark collection with a username and a password
curl -X POST --data "user=YOUR_USERNAME&pass=YOUR_PASSWORD"
Add an url in the bookmark collection. The url should be encoded in base64

curl -X POST --data "user=YOUR_USERNAME&pass=YOUR_PASSWORD&url=URL_BASE64"

Get all bookmarks in JSON format


 "[{"time_created" : "1447019032" , "url" : "aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueWFob28uY29tLw==" , "screenshot" : "http:\/\/\/screenshots\/ertqwe.jpg" , "uid" : "ertqwe" , "webpage_title" : "Yahoo"},{"time_created" : "1447019059" , "url" : "Z29vZ2xlLmNvbQ==" , "screenshot" : "http:\/\/\/screenshots\/acxvxcvwm.jpg" , "uid" : "acxvxcvwm" , "webpage_title" : "Google"}]
Delete a bookmark with given id


HTTP Response Status : 200 OK